Hey, I'm Tara!

A very busy mom blessed with six beautiful and crazy girls! Yes, you read that right...six GIRLS! Just typing it makes me exhausted! Ha, ha! How do you get to six girls? Well, you keep trying for that boy and finally realize after the sixth one...it's not in the cards. Ok, that's not exactly how we got to the magic number six but at this point I am sure you have looked at the photo above and are thinking I don't see six! Here's our story...

When I met my husband, Micah, about 23 years ago, he introduced me to the most amazing, adorable little one year old girl, Maddie...she started this journey to six girls and made me a step-mom. A few years later we had our first daughter, Taya and our second daughter, Belle, a couple years after that. I always wanted four kids so we tried for number four but God had better plans for that baby and we had a miscarriage. It took us for a whirlwind but we stuck with God's plan and He did bless us with daughter number four, Brytlee, about two years later.

My husband and I wanted one more but after trying for a couple of years we decided we have definitely been blessed with what we have and we were good with moving on to the next chapter of our lives. As plans usually go, as soon as we decided we were good, God stepped in and blessed us with daughter number five, Tanley. After that we were done! Our family was complete....well, so we thought. We talked about adopting for a few years but never really went any further with it. I truly believe this was God preparing us for what He was going to give us. A couple years ago, a family member was in need of some help so after a family meeting where EVERYONE was on board, we adopted baby number six and have had her since birth. Meet baby girl number six, Royal. Hopefully, a new family photo is coming soon!

She is definitely the favorite...and they all know it. Heck, all the girls will tell you Royal is their favorite too! She is the most fun, loving, caring, sweet, easiest baby by far with the brightest blue eyes and a smile that is contagious.

Most days after working for you ladies at Posh, I am either running girls from dance practice, soccer, volleyball or one of the other many activities they are in or at one of our other businesses. Yes, we have other businesses...I told you we were crazy! Ha, ha! I own the Tara Myers Insurance Agency in Maryville and Rock Port, MO and my husband owns Toploaded Cards & Games in Maryville, a sports card and gaming store.

God has truly blessed us in more ways than we can count but something was missing. I wanted a business that all of us girls could enjoy and would want to be a part of. Well, even my not so girly girls love clothes, so why not a boutique?! Thanks to my AMAZING husband who went along with my crazy idea, my dream became a reality when we purchased Posh in 2021. Our dream is to make Posh a destination! A place where moms, daughters, friends and sisters could come and take the time to browse and look for that perfect outfit or that one piece for their wardrobe that they would truly enjoy and feel beautiful in. So follow us on this journey and we can guarantee it will be a fun one!

Best wishes,

Tara, Micah, & The Whole Simply Posh Family