Hey there, I'm Pam!

A busy mom of four crazy kiddos and a wife to one EXTREMELY patient man. I LOVE anything qualified as a dessert, buying books for my kids (even though I know they will make me read the same five over and over again), and staying up late working on growing this piece of my life that I hope is able to bring women a little bit of joy to theirs.

I didn't always have Simply Posh Boutique… we actually started out as Posh Consignment, featuring mostly consignment pieces with only a touch of new items. In 2012, my soon-to-be husband and I took on what we refer to as "the year we could have been classified as insane." What we were really doing was taking one giant leap of faith. We opened Posh on March 26, 2012, got married on May 19, 2012 and Curtis started his brand new career with Thrivent Financial… all within three months.

Who knew that Curtis and I were such risk takers?! 

Since that year, Posh has slowly transitioned into what is now Simply Posh Boutique, a boutique for women filled with beautiful, comfortable, and stylish clothing that I hand-select myself. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of finding pieces for not just women, but styles that are perfect for moms and daughters of all ages; I love this about us because as our local friends know, my own Mom helps out in the store, and I cannot lie… ROCKS these outfits daily!

I mentioned that I love buying books for my kids... I love browsing and taking the time flipping through the pages asking myself if this is one I could see them truly enjoying. So, when we revamped the shop, I wanted just that. A place women could come and take the time to browse and look for that one outfit or that one piece for their wardrobe that they would truly enjoy and feel beautiful in.

As time went on, our lives got busier and I found it A LOT harder to find or make the time to do that personalized, hands-on browsing. As moms everywhere can attest, we’re constantly on the go, and when we do have time to settle down and take a minute… well… it is literally a minute.

So, the online store Simply Posh Boutique manifested from our thoughts into reality! Posh is now a team of myself and four AMAZING ladies (one of those being my mom) and one amazingly patient husband. As it turns out, we weren't insane, but just following dreams. For some crazy reason, God has given us the tools to take them to levels we never really imagined. We hope you find something you’ll love and that will spark joy in your life as you follow your own dreams.

Best wishes,

Pam, Curtis, & the whole Simply Posh family